When to Get New Hearing Aids

When to Get New Hearing Aids

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Dr. Davis Yontz is a Tennessee licensed audiologist and is certified by the American Board of Audiology (ABA), and is a Fellow in the American Academy of Audiology (FAAA).
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Many of us hear fine with no problems. However, others have either loss their hearing for good or it’s slowly going downhill. Our hearing is everything to us. It allows us to hear danger or when someone calls our name. We need our hearing to function in our jobs and carrying out orders. When your hearing becomes a problem, we need to take precautions and get help. Here are some times when to get new hearing aids.

Changes in your hearing

Loss of hearing can occur anywhere and at any time. It can throw you off guard at first. You might start missing parts of a conversation. Maybe you’re constantly asking people to repeat what they said? Changes in your hearing is a sign of alarm. When you walk outside, the environment isn’t as loud as it used to be. For some, they might enjoy this until it’s time to hold a conversation. You may need to get your ears check to see what’s going on. Your doctor could suggest wearing a hearing aid to assist with your issue.

Changes in lifestyle that require new technology

You might have gotten a new job and now everything is very noisy where you work. Some of us might work at the airport or near loud equipment. You’ll need a hearing aid that can handle that. Being exposed to constant loud noise can often damage your hearing. This new environment is putting more stress on your hearing abilities. Lifestyle changes are another reason you may force you to get new hearing technology. We all work in different careers. There are some that require us to hear at perfect levels. A new hearing aid may be the way to go with your lifestyle changes. The world is becoming so advanced that technology is making it easier for people seeking treatment for hearing loss.

Your listening experience could benefit from new technology

Consider what’s on the market when it comes to new technology and hearing aids. Now hearing aid equipment can operate with smartphones. Some hearing aids even offer remote fine-tuning to the listening experience. The technology for hearing aids has advanced greatly in the last few years. With this savvy technology, your hearing can improve drastically. It could be the best alternative to those seeking treatment for hearing loss. Yet, you do need to ask yourself, whether upgrading is worth it. If your hearing aid works fine, then think about how this technology will change things. Don’t buy a new hearing aid with fancy gadgets that you don’t really need.

Your hearing aids are in disrepair

Hearing aids are known to last for nearly seven years. However, like most equipment, they can stop working all together. This can put you in a very vulnerable spot. You’ll need to get them fixed. Going without them might seem weird at first. It is common to get a replacement while you wait on repair. Your hearing health is a top priority, especially if you depend on hearing it to make a living. Never use a hearing aid that doesn’t work. Contact us today at Ascent Audiology if your hearing aids are not functioning properly.

Quick Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Hearing Aids Functional

Daily care of your aids keep them functioning properly. Here are some maintenance tips you can follow to keep your hearing aid intact:

  • Clean them regularly because ear wax build up adds to your hearing issues.
  • When removing your hearing aids, set them in a safe place. Don’t just put them anywhere. Someone might either step on them or crush them if they don’t see them.
  • Always handle your hearing aids with care. If you have to carry them, then place them in a small storage case. Never hold the tightly in your hands because they could break. You can seriously damage your hearing aid by doing this.

Schedule a professional hearing test

It’s not uncommon for people to take their time to seek treatment for their hearing. Make sure to schedule a professional hearing test at your earliest convenience. You need your hearing to function every day. Getting a test can help you resolve any problems with your hearing. Contact us at Ascent Audiology to learn more!